[3C] • Admin Application [OPEN]

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[3C] • Admin Application [OPEN]

Post by Kelvinator on Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:33 pm

- Maturity
- Active in the servers and forum.
- You must have a good reputation in the server.
- Must have basic knowledge about samp and how it works
- Must have a clean record (no bans , no warnings)
- Must have a decent knowledge of the english language.
App Format :

Real Name :
In Game Name :
Gender :
Age :
Time Zone :
Country :
Languages you known :
If you don't know the correct use of command what will you do :
Why you want to become an Administrator in 0.3c server :
How many hours you can be active in a single day :
What will you do if there's a hacker in server :
What will you do if someone is airbreaking :
What will you do if someone is insulting someone in server :
What will you do if someone needs help :
What will you do if there's a hacker in server and server needs an admin :
Will you follow admin rules :
Will you abuse admin commands :
Are you an admin in SATDM other version ? :
Rate your maturity from scale 1 to 10 :
Anything else to say :

-I have been accepted , what now?
Congratulations, welcome to SATDM 0.3c Staff Team, if you have any doubt don't be afraid to ask and other administrators might help you with your needs.

-I have been rejected, what now?
Don't be sad, you can re-apply after a week, just don't give up.

NOTE : Post your app Here! And only 10 players that will be Accepted!

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